Carol Lee Ammons
Hal Boltz Ammons Charles Isaac Ammons
b. 24/25 March 1886
Scotland, MO
d. 28 February 1970
Amos Jefferson Ammons
b. 22 December 1844
Fairview, Marion, WV
d. 6 November 1925
Gorin, Scotland, MO
Benjamin Ammons
b. 16 June 1814
Muddy Fork, Fayette, PA
d. 23 July 1887
Seymour, Walnut, Wayne, IA
Abraham Ammons
Mary Brown
Permelia Sine
b. 4 November 1819
Dolls Run, Monongalia, WV
d. 23 January 1877
Ammons Farm, Fairview, Marion, WV
Mary Jane Wise
b. either 1848
on Ammons Farm, Fairview, Marion, WV
or 4 March 1852
Monongalia, WV
Isaac C. Wise
b. about February 1828
Hannah Thomas
b. about October 1833
Mary Copenhaver
Vera Cecil Boltz
b. 8 September 1886
Novinger, Adair, MO
d. 3 June 1959
Brandon, FL
Ewin Sherman Boltz
b. 18 July 1863
Millport, Knox, MO
d. 21 May 1947
Scotland, MO
David Boltz
b. 17 February 1839
Terre Haute, Vigo, IN
or 18 February 1839
Rippley, IN
John Boltz
Elizabeth Smiley
Amanda Elizabeth Edens
b. 9 August 1844
Paducah, Mccracken, KY
or Greenley, Weld, CO
d. 2 August 1881
Greeley, Weld, CO
Thomas G Edens
Lorenda Howard
Mary Alice Songer
b. 3 June 1860
Knox City, Knox, MO
or Lewis, MO
Moses Alfred Songer
b. about 1837
John Songer
Mary Ann Askren
Alecia Ann Beit or Bell
b. about 1837
Susan McIntosh Howard Gregory Cook
b. about 1880
Worcester, Worcester, MA
d. about March 1965
Worcester, Worcester, MA
Benjamine Monroe Cooke
b. 27 July 1846
Woonsocket, Providence, RH
Zimri Cook Jr.
b. 5 June 1880
Mendon, Worcester, MA
or Cumberland, Providence, RH
d. 15 July 1855
Mendon, Worcester, MA
Zimri Cook
Joanna Ballou
Olive W. Allen
b. 5 May 1804
Mendon, Worcester, MA
d. 7 September 1870
Mendon, Worcester, MA
Ahaz Allen
Keziah Cook
Susan Emily Walden
b. 3 August 1848
Scituate, Providence, RH
George Walden
b. 21 Aug 1805
Glocester, Providence, RH
d. 6 February 1871
Millbury, Worcester, MA
John Waldren
Philadelphia Barns
Susan Cummins Hixon
b. 5 July 1820
Hallowel, Kennebec, ME
d. 30 April 1869
Worcester, Worcester, MA
May Whittlemore Gilman
b. 19 November 1844
Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, NH
d. June 1928

Sister- Fannie Elizabeth Gilman
b. 1878
Henry Danvers Gilman
b. 13 Sept. 1833
Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, NH
Merrill Gilman
b. 2 May 1805
Vershire, Orange, VT
John Gilman
Laura Whitmore
b. about 1811
of Fitzwilliam, Sheshire, NH
John Whittmore
Sarah Hickey
b. 15 Aug 1842
Worcester, Worcester, MA
James Hickey
b. 10 May 1810
Mary E.
b. about 1815
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