Leavity in the Garden

Weeding time again. After another merigold "bit the dust", I knew it was time for some comic "relief". So here it is-

One day, a man decided to pay a visit to his good friend across town. He had heard that his friend, Adam, had a garden.

(S) Adam, I heard you have a garden.

(A) Well, Steve, I do. My wife kept reminding me that the prophet said, "Grow a garden." That hit me pretty hard, since I really don't like to work outside [or anywhere else].

So, I decided to take the scriptures up on their offer to "Prove all things..." and I got down on my knees and prayed. "Lord, if you want me to grow a garden, give me a sign. I will weed it, if you will plant it.

When my neighbor heard that I had decided to have a garden, he came right over and dug up the ground for me. That got me pretty committed, although I was still skeptical.

Well, here I am with my "Garden of Eden".

(S) I really have to see this garden, Adam.

(A) Sure, I'll take you out to see it right now.

(S) Adam, this is just weeds.

(A) Yep, but a promise is a promise. I think I will plant the garden myself next year.

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