Funny Pet Stories

Fantail Pigeon and Rabbit
I was a teenager when my parents gave my brother, Gaylan, and myself a pair of fantail pigeons one Christmas; and we collected more over time. We kept them in a chicken coop that had a covered scratch pen and a wooden floor in the scratch area also. We also raised rabbits; and, once when we had more rabbits than we wanted to butcher, Mom put a half dozen or so in the pen with the pigeons. She didn’t check them close enough because she thought they were all bucks, but one was a doe. Well the doe had a litter and she made her nest in under the roost of the pigeons. We had an old fantail hen that couldn’t lay eggs for some reason, so she adopted the baby rabbits and she would sit on that nest of baby rabbits. The only time she would get off was when the mother rabbit came to feed them. This lasted until the baby rabbits had there eyes open and could crawl out from underneath her.

The Banty and the Ducklings
When I was a kid we had goats, rabbits, and chickens. My mom had Rhode Island reds for eggs and meat, and banties for insect control in the garden. Well, we had an old banty hen that started setting so mom bought a half dozen or so fertile duck eggs and stuck them under the banty hen. She hatched all of them out, and when she walked around the yard, they would all follow in a little line. It was so cute to see her with those little duck waddling along behind her. One Sunday when the irrigation water came down she was out in the pasture with her little ducks. When they all went into the ditch “like ducks to water” she went crazy, running up and down the ditch bank squawking like mad, with the ducks swimming in the ditch, not paying the least bit of attention to her.

Captain Spotty
When we were kids we raised rabbits for meat. My brothers, LaMoyne & Gaylan, and myself took care of, and fed and watered the rabbits. We all knew that they were being raised for meat but we still gave them names and played with them till dad butchered them. We had 4 or 5 bucks ready for butchering, and one of them was white with black spots. Gaylan had named him Captain Spotty. We knew they were to be butchered soon, so Gaylan went to mom and asked if we could keep Captain Spotty until last, and she said “Okay”. Well, she forgot to tell dad, and so the next time he butchered, he just picked up the biggest one and it happened to be Captain Spotty. Gaylan was quite upset, and he went running and in a very accusing voice and crying, screamed at mom, “You killed Captain Spotty and you promised not to.” Even though Gaylan was upset it didn’t effect his appetite when we all sat down to dine on Captain Spotty.

These stories were memories of Terry Radford. Thank you Terry!

Many thanks to for their picture of a for their picture of the rabbit and for their picture of the chicken.