Winter Photo Contest
Winter Photo Contest

Welcome to tedinamo's first photo contest. We welcome you to submit a favorite photo that you have taken that will fit the theme. This contest's theme is "Winter in Edina". While choosing your photo, please also have it match this quote supplied by Karen Loyd-Minear, "The Best Things in Life... aren't things!" To submit your photo, please email it to me at Most photos well be shrunk down to 20k, but please submit it with higher resolution so I can decide how large the photo will need to be to show its features. Please do not include a photo of any person at this time, as I have not figured out all the laws regarding posting photos, and do not want to break any laws. If you would like to give your photo a name, please include that in your email, as well as your name. For an example, see my photo below. Contest submission ends April 31st. Voting will start May 1st. When you vote, please vote for a different photo for each catagory. Catagories will be:
  • Best Fits Theme & Quote

  • Most Artistic

  • Most Imaginative

  • My Favorite Just Because

"Only God Can Make Things This Good" by Janet Radford

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